Thin lines,

often blurry lines

between yes and no.

Between dark and light.

Between comfort and pain.

Between life and death.


My life has been a struggle

with those lines

and what side I should be on.

Who I should be loyal to.


The men that battle on each side of those lines,

outlaws and cops,

they don’t see

they are the same creature.

Wired with a different code.

Alternate understandings of reality

with both versions being real.


I understand both sides

of those often blurry lines

too well.

A lot of my life spent

living on both sides in multiple realities

at the same time,

multiple lines.

Navigating lines and trying to stay

on the side where I remain free.


Freedom means many things;

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Every choice comes with a responsibility

or a consequence.


I have come to this place of leaving behind

anything that compromises my freedoms.

My integrity.


That is the only line that is finally clear to me

and yet still I sometimes struggle

to stay away from crossing it.

To stay loyal to me.


One comment

  1. The good thing about having a strong inner moral compass is that, even when shaken violently or repeatedly, it always come back to True. Sounds like yours is saving you yet again. Yea! Hugs.

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