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Addiction, Co-Addicts, and Love

      People with childhood and early life trauma process things differently from people who didn’t have that experience. Not better. Not worse. Just different. That is just a fact. I am no exception to processing things from a place of trauma I have learned some things recently, things that no one should ever […]

✨Love Letters✨

Numbers are never enough; like dollars in my bank account; like in days left of a weekend; like in moments spent with you. Or numbers are always too much; like on my bathroom scale; like the thermometer outside; like the days still remaining until I am allowed to touch you. But letters – they are […]

Browning Unit

There is a man who comes every Sunday He seems so happy while we all wait for it to be time He is friendly with some of the other visitors, as if greeting old friends All the guards know him and greet him I am usually withdrawn, and do not talk much to others The […]

Happy Birthday, Michelle ❤️


Thin lines, often blurry lines between yes and no. Between dark and light. Between comfort and pain. Between life and death.   My life has been a struggle with those lines and what side I should be on. Who I should be loyal to.   The men that battle on each side of those lines, […]

My Dog

My dog is a therapy dog. He has been a certified therapy dog for almost 4 years – over 2/3 of his life. He has graduated from obedience training, and gone through behavior assessments and aptitude tests, and passed every one. My dog has had a little autistic girl fall in love with him, and […]

Fifteen years-what does the world see now?

Fifteen years ago, a somber President G.W. Bush addressed a nation in shock – and said, among other things – “The world will see that the strength of this nation is found in the character and courage of everyday citizens.” Fifteen years ago. It was a Tuesday. I was living in San Diego with my […]

Narcicissts and Sociopaths

Turns out that narcissistic sociopaths are drawn to me. Plain and simple. I like to think other folks are interested in me also,  but for sure I am a magnet for these types. I fascinate, challenge, and then threaten them, in that order. That has been the arc of many of my dating disasters in […]

Camp Erin, God’s angels, Dogs, and “Doing Unto Others” on National Pit Bull Awareness Day

I took off of work yesterday from my job as an attorney who does indigent defense work on an Indian Reservation, to volunteer with my pit bull type dog, Earl, as one of 12 therapy dog teams participating in Camp Erin. For those of you who are not aware of what Camp Erin is, it […]

Horses, Dogs, and Triple Crowns

I have loved horses my whole life. Books and horses. I love all other animals as well, but horses were my first love. As an advocate for animals, dogs, and kindness in general – it bothers me greatly, all the venomous posts about American Pharoah and his Triple Crown victory. For some, the tragic death […]