Turns out that narcissistic sociopaths are drawn to me. Plain and simple. I like to think other folks are interested in me also,  but for sure I am a magnet for these types. I fascinate, challenge, and then threaten them, in that order. That has been the arc of many of my dating disasters in […]

I took off of work yesterday from my job as an attorney who does indigent defense work on an Indian Reservation, to volunteer with my pit bull type dog, Earl, as one of 12 therapy dog teams participating in Camp Erin. For those of you who are not aware of what Camp Erin is, it […]

I have loved horses my whole life. Books and horses. I love all other animals as well, but horses were my first love. As an advocate for animals, dogs, and kindness in general – it bothers me greatly, all the venomous posts about American Pharoah and his Triple Crown victory. For some, the tragic death […]

It has been twenty five years, I think. I was a baby – a really fucked up 22 year old – with so much emotional baggage that would not even begin to be unpacked until only a few years ago…and I am pretty sure there are still things hiding in pockets I haven’t finished airing […]

In 1989, the documentary, ‘Roger & Me’ made Rhonda Britton famous. Or infamous. She will forever be known as the “bunny lady” – for bashing the head of a rabbit in her arms, and then skinning it while he was still wiggling – all on camera. At that time in her life, she lived in […]

It is election season, and punches are being thrown in every direction. One of the more controversial Propositions on the ballot here in Pima County, is 415 – which would provide sorely needed funds to update the only open admission shelter in Pima County. PACC (Pima Animal Care Center) has been open for over 40 […]

Leonard Neuhaus was born in 1930 and I helped him pick out coffee today at Safeway. That’s how it started. I stopped at the store on the way home from work – and got stopped in the coffee aisle by a little old man who needed help remembering that he was looking for “instant” coffee, […]