It has been twenty five years, I think. I was a baby – a really fucked up 22 year old – with so much emotional baggage that would not even begin to be unpacked until only a few years ago…and I am pretty sure there are still things hiding in pockets I haven’t finished airing […]

In 1989, the documentary, ‘Roger & Me’ made Rhonda Britton famous. Or infamous. She will forever be known as the “bunny lady” – for bashing the head of a rabbit in her arms, and then skinning it while he was still wiggling – all on camera. At that time in her life, she lived in […]

It is election season, and punches are being thrown in every direction. One of the more controversial Propositions on the ballot here in Pima County, is 415 – which would provide sorely needed funds to update the only open admission shelter in Pima County. PACC (Pima Animal Care Center) has been open for over 40 […]

Leonard Neuhaus was born in 1930 and I helped him pick out coffee today at Safeway. That’s how it started. I stopped at the store on the way home from work – and got stopped in the coffee aisle by a little old man who needed help remembering that he was looking for “instant” coffee, […]

Written June 23rd, 2014. It’s still a month away until my birthday, but today I feel like it came early  I haven’t said anything about the recent “story” in Time magazine about pitbulls – mainly because I get weary sometimes of making the same arguments against the same idiots, over and over and over again. […]

Every day in my newsfeed, horrific stories of cruelty and abuse by humans to animals shows up. Dogs lit on fire; carriage horses who dropped dead in the streets of New York from being overworked and exhausted; dogs that had fireworks tied to them and then lit; a nursing mother dog that was shot in […]

“Officer responds to reported pit bull attack, 2 dogs die” – KOLD “2 pitbulls bite Tucson man; cop kills dogs after both charge at him” – Arizona Daily Star “’Like a chainsaw going wild’: Tucson man recounts vicious pit bull attack” – KGUN9 Everyone is talking about the First Amendment and our right to speak […]

I wrote this blog in response to an article in Scientific American magazine this April. That article is linked below, followed by my response to that article. I was lost halfway through the fourth paragraph of this article – when the author, DN Lee, states that Vick was prosecuted for animal cruelty.  He was […]

I was fired because I spoke up for a dog. Literally 100 feet from my old office window, lives a dog…on a chain…outside 24 hours a day…with no shelter whatsoever…and no evidence of water or regular feeding. To add insult to injury, the covered back porch of the house is less than 50 feet away […]

This was originally written 8.7.11, and was part of the calculus of my decision to dive in head first to pit bull rescue, and help my amazing friend Rica with her Smiling Dog Rescue.  At the time, I only had two dogs, Harley and Laney – both labeled “pit bull” in spite of Harley clearly […]